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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

red lipstick

So i was looking through some girls pictures on Facebook and she was wearing red lipstick and it totally freaked me out, the lipstick did no justice to her whatsoever, i mean red lipstick come on dats a very daring thing to dabble in.

 The red has to be a red that looks good on your skin tone. I'm not seeing ANYONE wearing a color that looks good on them. If you put it on and all you see is your mouth, that's the wrong shade. If it's too bright, tone it down with a muted shade over it. Blot it. Play with it until it looks right. It may not be a fire engine shade that looks best on you. Red lipstick is officialy super sexy hott, it has been for a while now and yet to be outdated.

I really love red lipstick, and im always in boots  messing around trying on lipstick and trying to find the right shade that suits me, as much as i love it  untill im comfortable confident and have found the right shade you will not catch me in it.

I totally do NOT believe that red lipstick can suit everyone, even hotties like Jessica Alba can get it wrong with red lipstick.
But to that lady with the hurendous red lips...sorry abborrit next time just look for a good shade dat makes your dark skin tone....
peace out 

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