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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Arghhh some people have tried mugging me off today, but they can never succeed :)
so i got my stiches taken out yesterday from my foot injury.....and it proper hurt Omdzz like wow... but i thank God im gettin healed slowly but surley ..but anyways enough about  me people of blogville im here today to talk about the diffrence in age and maturity .....
its very understanable and belivable when you hear about uni students acting like primmary school students.... mentally they are not mature. AGE DOES NOT EQUAL MATURITY  belive me when i say this... two many 19 and 20 year old people acting really childish and unbelvably childish, their mental state and capacity has not developed yet... which brings me to my next post (you got lucky 2day two in one lol)

Why do girls bitch so much??
Just as black people are cursed with lateness, girls have also got 'slagging and talking about each other syndrome' ** Sigh**

Theres a particular, group of freinds (it may be church, college freind, or uni friends.. so dnt keep guessing if you know my circle of freinds lol) and  a particular girl in the group that always feels the need to chat rubbish about other girls in the group, and the worst thing is its always me she talking to about these other girls, and im like why cant you just shut the hell up??.

It really buggs me, thats why must girls like talking to guys and having male freinds...Jheez to much ' she said this, she said that' its ridiculous...girls need to fixx up big time.

Most girls suffer from Lack of self esteem,  There's  always going to be people who try to build themselves up by tearing
 others down.
You'd have to go in depth into the psychology aspect in order to get a really descriptive answer to this one.

P.s guys please keep voting for me lol im not even in my 50 votes yet...come on show mw some love xxxxx

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Anonymous said...

Intresting stuff here. Havent coem across such yet till now..I see you like to blog. keep them coming. Ps I voted for you

I always choose friends wisely, to the extent that I have to pray for them cos us girls mouths dont stop. Its the childish ones, who cause problems with their mouths or the girls with school and college syndrome where a lot of this is found. I would think that in uni ppl wise up get smarter and mature learing that to b-iacth and backbite aint cool. But aving crossed the all nesearry education, i think it stops when one enters the real world where they dont have thier gang of friends around them all the time...i.e work..but hey its learing that by talkin bout sum1 and others all the time dont do nothing in boosting self esteem just makes them look in-secure....my comments bit loong but i feel ur drif..more bees-rambling