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Monday, 19 October 2009

Oh no whitneyyyy


When i heard Whitney Houston was performing Live on X factor last night, i was dead excited for her... i could not wait, so she comes on stage look absolutly gorgeous... i lreally loved her dress even doe it was really long for her performance, but due to her bizzare behaviour  i couldnt help but think that she was still on some substance or still suffering the repercussions.

One thing I would say in her defence is that it must be incredibly daunting for anyone to get on that stage and perform; and after such a long break it would be even harder.
It's great to see Whitney back ... but last night was just awful!

Still, ever the true professional, she plodded on through her wardrobe malfunction and finished the song. 

Even when Dermot was interviewing her, her answers were not normal, she took time to reply and just acted disjointed. During the brief interview, Whitney appeared nervous as she struggled to answer some of the questions, pausing often, starring at the ground and closing her eyes.

I still love her though, but last nights performance didnt do it for me
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