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Friday, 30 October 2009


Im in the LRC (Learning Resource Centre aka the Libary) waiting for my 3pm lecture and i have a few things to get of my chest..... im totally in pain because of my injured foot but im not complaining... i feel for some Nandos..anywais

Gossiping about your friend to another of our friends about our collective friend is not okay. Flirting with your friend's boyfriend when you know she's a paranoid little thing (bless her heart) and having inside jokes with him about her is not okay. Hooking up  two friends whislt the guy is someone you have apparently liked for practically two years now and complaining about if after a while  is not okay! Where do you learn these things from ??

Girls on this campus,
Wearing heels does not make you a fashionista. People on this campus give me jokes. Today I saw one girl limping about in her  5-inch stilettos.  Why did u wear that to class? For what/who? ! It is never that serious.

Have a blessed week, guys. Make someone ridiculously happy this week, even if it's only yourself!

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