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Saturday, 24 October 2009

My X factor update :)

All the contestants gave me the same thing this week, it was what i expected from them, apart from a few that got my attention 

Racheal Adedeji looked really nice today with her new hair do…it suits her much better than (in Simon's words) the silly hair cut lol, but I wonder is it bonding..i no its not a wig because there is a parting and you can see her scalp ..but there was no hair at the back to bond…. Hmm interesting. Im really happy for Racheal, she really changed and did much much better, she looked great as welll, she needed to calm down a bit doe lol but I guess she was really excited you could tell she loved her perforemance, she was great, go girl, she's getting my vote this week, just need to fins someone with credit.

Kandy rain I absoulty didn’t like, especially the rap part..errr NO. 

Stacey Solomon was no surprise, I love her shes really good, tonight she looked great, her performance was very boring , she needs to learn some performance skills,  I agreed with Simons comment ‘ you looked better than you sounded’ she talks like a retard as well.

The twins, for some bizzare reason i like them, i guess its the entertainment, they obviously arnt good at singing but performance wise they iight. Simon is a legend he said he would leave the country if they won, what a joker.

Cheryl and Danni looked great as usual, loving the hair clip thing Cheryl put on her hair….

BDW Michael Buble is hot stuff,..... well he looked nice on tonights show  ;)

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