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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Does the perfect person Really Exist??

Some of us have known the opposite sex who are nearly perfect (or at least think they are).
I was having lunch with a few girlfriends earlier this week and we just got talking about relationships etc, and one of my girls said Mr. Right is still missing in action. "At twenty I still have not found what I'm looking for. Just finding the perfect date let alone perfect Mr. Right has gotten impossible, how is that possible since everyone is destined for someone?'

I’ve come to realise that the trouble with our present generations is that we write check lists that are exceeding availability lol. You are looking for the perfect man or woman, you are looking for that 'one' special person and yet amazingly it appears that those who are so selective appear to have heavily overrated their own 'relationship wealth'.

Ask people to describe their perfect mate and they struggle. I have seen a lot of comments lately particularly from women when describing their ideal partner. Think of phrases such as "soul mate" and how often they are used. It’s almost like there is a cerebral match that is not defined in physical terms that allows some form of 'communion' or 'union' between 'two souls' at an intellectual and emotional level.

The truth is, we are beginning to have a dangerously lonely generation of men and women with few partners and absolutely no willingness to compromise. Ladies you can blame men all you like, but seeking perfection doesn't guarantee happiness either, for example you could have the most swagerlicious- flyer than fly guy/ girl who is independent, rich, holds down a proper job, is well respected and has status, but has the most disgusting character, he/she disrespects you or even physically, mentally and verbally abuses you. Or you could have the same person not as rich, not driving a car not really known, but he/she respects you and loves as the person you are meant to be in all your flaws they still take you and accept you, for who you are, loves and protects you.

As shallow as it may seem it is a hard decision that people go through, because as human beings our first reflexive mentality is materialistic.

I’m not saying am perfect because everyone including myself has an image of the perfect person in our mind, but over the years I have realised that you cannot create a perfect person in your mind and try and mould people into it, the perfect person does not exist so to all my people who are still waiting for the perfect person, The sooner you realize this sad but true fact, the sooner you can get on with finding Mr. Close-Enough-To-Perfect.

Jesus Christ is the ONLY perfect man that walked the Earth. Don’t look for any other perfect man. You will NEVER find him

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