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Monday, 12 October 2009

No wonder everyone in magazines looks so perfect and flawless

Somebody posted this link on my wall http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vFvLhNWfZU

I was a little bit surprised, but it didn't shock me that much.
I already knew that they used photo shop to change people's face & body. What an interesting video.. It makes you look at models in a different light.. It goes to show what a good stylist and photo shop can do.. And I feel bad for those who try to measure up to them.. It makes you wonder, especially after watching that video, if that's how they really look like??

The media portrays these girls that are photo shopped as a 'icon' so to say and gullible girls think that they can achieve their bodies! It's so bad how society has girls trying to achieve the impossible.
Thats really sad, if you really think... young girls are damaging their health going through different types of operations wasting so much money, just to be like the girls on the screen.

Even something as simple as mascara, the way it is advertised boasting by using their mascara you will get 10x longer fuller and thicker eyelashes ....but hold up the model advertising the mascara is wearing fake eyelashes ....

I've even seen ads where the "before" picture shows the model with her own lashes, but the "after" (i.e. after applying the mascara) shows her wearing the fake stuff. This is blatant and deliberate deception, and I think such false advertising should be illegal.

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