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Monday, 26 October 2009

How ladies would love to be proposed to ....For The Men

Today has been a really intresting day for me sooooo annoyed today, people and things have just pissed me off, and in less than 24hrs im gettin my stiches removed... people are telling me it hurts badly, the injury hasent even healed yet, girls around me are just being stoopid, and all my China ceramic plates decided to smash today, but its not as bad as the person fighting for the life in hospital, or the woman goin through labour, or the child that hasent eaten today...so im ok

Anyways in on of my lectures today we were talking about the best way a man could propose to his fiancĂ©e, i heard alot of chessey ideas and i fort errr.... if i was propsed to like that i would so say no, and the ring OMG the ring has to be amazing come on apart from the proposal i need a ring to tempt me as well.

I would love a proposal that has never been done, that is out of this world, no cheap chessey tradiotal get on one knee rubbish...

overhead flying banner
in a crossword puzzle
in a menu list
a singing telegram with flowers
at a sports event
on tv

in the cinema on the screen
fireworks    these are all examples of nice proposals, i even went on youtube to check a few propals out check the one below, i thot it was rather cute.

Then we went on to talk about emotional and affectionate men...peep the next post for more

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