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Thursday, 8 October 2009

Mens Fashion Dos and Donts

There is nothing more fashionable when someone shows individuality in their styles. There is a big difference in having your own style and just looking tacky and raggedy.

So I'm walking through campus and i still see guys sagging, bussin low (whatever you want to call it) ... sorry but that is not cute at all, whats cool about having your butt hanging out of your trousers and your walking like you've done something in your boxers ...hell no

Some guys walk around with some small type of t shirt that could pass as their 10 year old brothers, all in the name of showing how hench, blonx big, their chests and muscles....... nah ah, find a shirt that fits you, not one that makes you look uncomfortable.

Correct me if I'm wrong but, do-rags are an instrument used for hair grooming, not to be worn to lectures, parties or even shopping...c'mon now

Having gold teeth and mad designs cut into your hair, wearing neon bright Mohawks, having a face full of piercing or wearing fake designer wear... its audacious, if your going to do something do it well.

Making sure every piece of your clothing has to be a name brand... just remember guys less is more

Just because you colour co ordinate, does NOT mean you have swagger...

Remember you are addressed by the way you dress

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