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Saturday, 24 October 2009

Eastenders have totally lost the plot!!!!

Heather Trott (CHERYL FERGISON) Baby George
So i woke up from my nap and i had to catch up on EastEnders and all I can say for now is they are on drugs, how can Darren a  18 year old knock up Heather who should be in her early forties, that is beyond grotesque.

  Since when were them two together? like when did they both sleep together?

Sorry but have i missed something? i am more than in shock you'd think with a best friend like Shirley  Heather would  be a right rebel, but no she's a freak! She'll be one of those mothers that breast feeds their kids  till they're 5yrs old and has them in thomas the tank engine jumpers in their teens. 

the storyline sucks, Heathers storyline is soo boring..she should leave and take bloody Shirley with her.


I do hope Eastenders have done one of their silly cliffhangers, so on Monday we can find out its not Darren, because as at now, i am totally grossed out!!!

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