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Saturday, 24 October 2009

I hate saying goodbye

Ahhhh Blogsville….I was dreading the journey back to Hertfordshire this early morning, not because it was long but simply because I knew I would have to say goodbye to the 'my friend'… I really hate saying goodbye to him, its even worse when its not done properly.....

 I was upset I even struggled to hold tears back as he went of the train, I just felt like getting of the train and going home with him. I do miss him already, but I don’t like saying it cause he may think im just saying it because i feel the need to say it because I do say it often…but it’s the truth, its not easy when your not with your other half, and couples are flaunting their love in front of your face… I feel sorry for married people whos partners are across the world….
Looks like my teddy bear has to suffer for the mean time L xx


Anonymous said...

awwww how sweet
hope he feels the same to x

Anonymous said...