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Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Please forgive my continuation...PLEASE NOTE I AM NOT A HATER.. but im really interested in Heidi Montags before and after pics...watching her over the year on The Hills i couldnt help to notice she was the only one that changed..

heidi-montag-before-and-after-425x269 Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery: Before and After Pics     

See what money has done to her, plastic all over , hair extensions.... im not saying these things are  bad but her personality really annoys me


mabel said...

that is so true she is the only one that change and now she looks ugly she used to look so pretty with HER own face but now she looks like a plastic person....she soon look even more ugly than she does now...when she gets older she regret ever doing that...especially her boobs will hurt since their really big and out there

Alain said...

I don't like the way she looks, too much make up and too little credibility.