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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Rhiannas latest single

So every where I turned, everyone I spoke to, everything I read all had one thing in common, Rhiannas new single ‘Russian Roulette’, I thought I would listen to it to see what all the hype is, and to be honest I believe RiRi has really lost the plot

This song scared me out lol. Her image music and style has become satanic and creepy. Selling sex on top of looking demonic is not ok at all. I can see the grungers and Goths liking this tune.  I guess its perfect timing; Halloween is right around the corner.

 It’s definitely different than I expected. I thought her first single was going to be a club banger, another up tempo club anthem this is a ballad along the lines of “Unfaithful” written by Ne-Yo and produced by Chuck Harmondy

The song has been interpreted into so many different way, some say she is singing about suicide, death, abusive relationships, other say its referring to Chris Brown… the song is catchy doe, as am typing I can hear it in my head. . It’s a very dark song…and someone pulls the trigger at the end.

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