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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Woman accuses grandson of raping her

Disgusting inhumane news i just heard about a 19 yeard old boy raping his grandma, that is a major violation, he raped her on several occasions..... its making me sick even as im typing now.

There are to many mentally sick people  out there that need help and are not getting the help they need, hows the poor lady meant to feel, he needs to be castrated like seriously of all people your Grandmother.

But the woman herself is dumb... she said he raped her several times, so why is this the first time she's coming out with it kmt!! as sickening as this is, something isn't right about the woman's story either.. how can you see your grandson pulling down his garments more than once and you want talk.

Watch the video below


Anonymous said...

nasty ass shit

Anonymous said...

Ino its really disturbing..God help us all

Anonymous said...

this is not is blood relative and yes has a mental problem his mind is honestly that of a child and maybe now he can some help he's been needing it for years