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Saturday, 17 October 2009

Every girl should already know this

Up until yesterday I thought every girl knew about the rules in the Girls Code especially  the biggest one ever ' You must never go out with your friends ex' .....why you ask me? (for those of you girls who dont understand, because girls still do it) because that is a NO GO ZONE and it only breeds jealously, conflicts and fights,whatever happens u should never chose a guy over a friend if hes willing to break up a friendship that youve had what makes you think he cares for you or her at all karma sweetie think before anything Never. Never. Never. Doesn't even matter if they say it's okay, never do it. You'd not want that done to you.

I mean, dont get me wrong it is very possible to date your freinds ex, go ahead.. only if your ready and prepared to throw that freindship down the drain. if friends say its okay to date their ex's they more than likely dont really mean it, face it, seeing your ex with another girl let alone seeing her with a friend isnt really a pleasant feeling.
It gets really messy...pleas just dont go there at all

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