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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

I wont date a woman who cant cook

I just finshed having a conversation with a few male freinds... and we some how randomly started talking about relationships (as per usual lol) and someone asked a question, ' would you date a woman who couldnt cook' with a mighty uproar all the guys were like ' nah man,is she dumb', ' if she cant cook she aint no woman, i dont want her fam' lool
i was a bit suprised with their replies actually but i did not disagree, im a bit old fashioned' if thats what you would call it, and i belive that every woman must know how to cook, if not for your man, for your kids and even yourself.... the saying ' the way to  mans heart is through his belly' is very true...obviously there are other ways but the fastest and most effective is through food. 

Me im not no Ainsley Harriott but i do know how to cook and i know when food tastes well, i really dont understand how a lady can feel whole when she cannot cook.

What makes me laugh about guys is when they are talking to a lady, the question 'so can you cook'? is always somehow  dropped in the conversation  lol.

I definetly believe that a woman should know how to cook for her man. I think much of what is missing from relationships is a sense of tradition

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